Clearlake Creativity School Student Handbook

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    School Colors

    Black and Orange

    School Motto

    “You can rise too.”

    Contact Information

    Clearlake Creativity School
    6945 Old Highway 53 
    Clearlake, CA 95422

    Shelley Tan, Principal
    (707)995-9523 ext. 404

    Yvonne Oldbury, Program Assistant
    (707)995-9523 ext. 409


    Clearlake Creativity School/Lake County Office of Education


    Success begins with being at school, being on time, staying all day, and working hard all day long. If a student is going to be out of school for an acceptable reason, parent(s) and/or guardian(s) must contact the school before 10:00 AM to excuse the absence. The phone number to call is 707-995-9523, ext 409. The absence is considered unexcused unless we receive a call. We request that medical and other appointments be made after school.

    Tardies To School

    All students are expected to report to school on time each day. Upon a student’s first unexcused tardy, he or she will be issued a written warning and disciplinary consequences will occur. No unexcused tardies (or absences) will be tolerated at CCS.

    Computer/Internet Usage

    Lawful and appropriate use of all technology is expected…especially when it comes to teacher permission. This policy is in effect at all times for all students. Minor violations of this policy will result in a written reprimand. Any serious violation of this policy will result in temporary loss of computer/internet privileges.

    Daily Participation

    Students are expected to come to school ready to work and to participate in all instructional activities of the day. There is no substitute for hard work. Do your best.

    Discipline Procedures

    Students are expected to maintain acceptable behavior at all times. In many circumstances, discipline referrals could result in such consequences as time out, folders room, campus beautification, and after-school detention. In addition, serious violations such as fighting, assault upon a staff member or student, weapons, drugs, alcohol or possession of smoking or vaping products, or other serious incidents may result in suspension from school.

    Dress Code

    No sagging pants, no short shorts, and no revealing or provocative clothing at any time. Clothing should be appropriate for daily school activities, including P.E. No clothing that creates a safety hazard. No clothing that displays any words, pictures, or designs, which would be considered by reasonable standards, to be vulgar, profane, and inappropriate for the classroom; or otherwise set an inappropriate example to students, parents or school staff.

    Early Dismissal Procedures

    Students will not be allowed to leave during school hours without permission and arrangements made by parents and school staff. Please schedule appointments for after school if possible.

    Program Goal

    The big goal of this school is to earn your way out and back to your home district. The shortest time it can take to do so is approximately 60 days. It’s up to you. Take care of business. Work hard.

    Electronic Devices

    Electronic devices, such as MP3 players, handheld gaming devices, etc. are not allowed at school, unless special arrangements are made with your classroom teacher and the school principal; it must be for learning purposes. If students possess such items from the time they arrive on campus until dismissal, such will be confiscated and locked in the main office. CCS is not responsible for lost or damaged personal electronic devices if they are brought to school.

    Cell Phones

    It is recognized that students have the legal right to bring cell phones to school, but they are not allowed to use them in the classroom or at school without permission from parents and school staff. Any cell phone used without clearance to do so, will be confiscated and held under lock and key until the end of the school day. A second such offense will result in such confiscated items being handed over only to parents.

    Food/Drink Policy

    Unless arranged by the classroom teacher, food and drinks are not allowed. Students may bring water bottles from home.

    Video Surveillance

    The Creativity School makes live recordings of students while at school in their classroom or other public areas. Video recordings are generally used to aide investigations related to discipline or inappropriate behavior.

    Campus Security

    While CCS is not considered a locked campus, all exterior doors will remain locked for student and staff safety.


    Backpacks, bags, and purses are not allowed at school. Any backpack or bag brought to school will be kept in the office until the end of the day.

    Gang Related Activities

    CCS has a “zero-tolerance” policy regarding any gang activity. This includes the wearing of colors, gang related graffiti on student possessions, gang tattoos, vandalism and throwing signs.

    Hall Passes

    Students are not permitted out of class without an adult staff member…at all times. The adult accompanying you is your hall pass. Don’t be out without one.


    Breakfast and lunch are provided daily to all students, free of charge.

    Medication Policy

    All medications, prescription or over-the-counter, must be given to an administrator or an assigned designee at school. All prescriptions must be in original containers, and a “medication authorization” form must be completed by parent(s) and/or guardian(s) before any medications will be dispensed. Students are not allowed to have any medications, including over-the-counter drugs, legal/synthetic drugs, and nutritional supplements, in their possession at any time while at CCS. Bus drivers and bus aides are also not allowed to transport medications for students.

    Random Safety Check Policy

    Students are subject to random safety checks upon arrival on campus and during their school day. It is important that each and every student and staff member be safe while here at school. The principal can view cameras that are placed throughout the campus, and when suspicious, he or she can conduct such emergency searches.

    Under The Influence

    The first time a student is found to be at school under the influence of any illegal drug, parents will be called and the student sent home on suspension. The second time, parents will be called, police will be called, and the student will be suspended for 5 days.

    School Hours

    School hours are from 8:30am to 2:30pm for the elementary and middle school classes.

    The high school class hours are from 8:15am - 2:35 pm daily.

    All students arriving after 8:30am must report to the office. Breakfast is only available between 8:30am and 8:45am, lunch is available between 11:15am and 11:45am.

    Student Observation by Parent/Guardian

    While students are enrolled at CCS, their parent(s) and/or guardian(s) are allowed and encouraged to observe their students during school hours. If a parent or guardian wishes to observe their student, please contact the CCS staff and accommodations will be made.

    School Supplies

    All necessary school supplies and materials will be provided each student by the school. If any parent would like to provide additional supplies or materials for their child, they are more than welcome to do so. However, the destruction of any personal school supplies and materials will have to be replaced by the parents/guardians of the student who did the destruction.


    Bus services to or from CCS are provided as established through each student’s individualized education plan (IEP).


    Anger management and drug and alcohol counseling/therapy are mandatory for all students whose IEPs specify or strongly recommend it. All students receive therapy time with our onsite clinician on a weekly basis, as noted in the service pages in their IEP.

    Protected Parent Law

    In January of 2019 a new law went into effect which establishes a protected parental leave program for any “pregnant or parenting pupil.” Pupils who qualify are entitled to up to eight weeks of parental leave from school and may not be penalized for their absence or required to perform any academic work. Please see Ed. Code Section 46015 for more information or contact your child’s school.