Already have a valid California Credential

  • *Please contact Elisha Cooley at (707) 262-4169 or, at the beginning of this process to receive a "Substitute Information with Valid California Credential" packet. You will be required to submit that packet to the Lake County Office of Education before you are placed on the substitute list.

    1. Attach a copy of your current California credential.
    2. Submit one Live Scan fingerprint form (For DOJ Clearance, $32.00 plus $25 fee charged by LCOE, for a total of $57.00). Payment must be in the form of cash, credit card, or money order. A fingerprint check must be obtained prior to being placed on the substitute list. Call Linda DeBolt at (707) 262-4127 to schedule an appointment.
    3. A Certificate of Clearance from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) is required of all teachers new to Lake County. Complete the application online. The cost is $52.50.
    4. Complete the top portion of the Substitute Teacher form, included in your packet.
    5. Provide verification of a current TB test/Screening. Please refer to the Notice of TB Test Requirement form included in your packet for more details.
    6. Annual certification of the online course: Mandated Reporter: Child Abuse & Neglect Training. A link to the training website will be emailed to you upon submittal of your completed application.

    If you move or change your phone number, please let this office know as soon as possible. Contact Elisha Cooley with any questions.