Tobacco -Use Prevention Education (TUPE)

  • The Lake County Office of Education believes in offering children and youth tools to make healthful life decisions. TUPE offers this support to districts in providing leadership, technical assistance and anti-tobacco educational materials.

    Our team supports school districts in developing and implementing their school health programs to prevent tobacco-use and addiction. Services include:

    • Certification of school districts for Tobacco-Free School Policy
    • Provide teachers effective and comprehensive education materials
    • Assistance to school districts with the California Healthy Kids Survey
    • Provide anti-tobacco community message
    • Provide cessasion support
    • Facilitate collaboration with Community Stakeholders
    • Through funding with the Coordinated School Health and Safety Office we will be focusing our efforts on our disparate school populations, where smoking is most prevalent. For example, smoking in continuation schools is 5 times higher than in traditional schools.

    Please look for resources and helpful links, on our Healthy Start Resource Page.

    For more information and resources please contact Doreen Gilmore, TUPE Coordinator with Healthy Start Youth and Family Services.

Virtual Education Platform

  • Here is a chance to add your voice to a virtual education lesson for Lake County Middle Schools!

    Use your creative talents to:

    • Write a poem
    • Write a rap song
    • submit a voice clip
    • take pictures or videos

    Express yourself!

    All entries must be in a landscape format and will need to be submitted by December 15, 2020. Entries must be on Tobacco Use and answer one or more of the following questions:

    • What is tobacco to you?
    • What is addiction to you?
    • What is peer pressure to you?

    A $5 McDonald's gift card will be given to the top 50 who participate and by sending a photo of tobacco waste, tobacco advertising in Lake County or a video clip that answers one of the questions above.

    A media release is required for any submitted film clips, audio clips or photos that have people in it under the age of 18. You can print out a media release form and send it to Doreen Gilmore, or fill out a Media Release form online.

    All creative submissions must be emailed to Doreen Gilmore.


Contact Information

  • Ana Santana
    Healthy Start Program Director
    (707) 262-4153

    Doreen Gilmore
    Healthy Start Specialist
    (707) 275-2338, ext. 2222

    Cheryl Graves
    Administrative Assistant
    (707) 262-4154