Homeless Student Services

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    Welcome to the McKinney-Vento Homeless Student Services program at Lake County Office of Education.  Our goal is to support and help improve the educational outcomes for homeless students, youth and children.

    Please take our survey to determine if you qualify for McKinney-Vento Student Services.

    In collaboration with schools and community partners, we work to build the capacity throughout the county in order to create the supports and services needed to assist our homeless youth reach their fullest potential.

    Homeless youth often experience numerous traumatic events in their lives including changes in living situations that cause interruptions in their educational settings. The emotional adjustments to these experiences combined with a sense of falling behind at school can be overwhelming. This can result in poor academic performance, increase in absenteeism and problematic behaviors.

    Healthy Start sites are here to assist with the following supports:

    • Advocacy for School of Origin and Immediate School Enrollment
    • Assistance in Obtaining Birth Certificate and Immunization Records
    • Advocacy and Parent Education on School Transportation
    • Referrals to Community Agency Support
    • Referrals for Priority Placement in School Programs
    • Technical assistance and trainings on the laws governing homeless education

    Read more about the McKinney-Vento Act.


  • Ana Santana
    Healthy Start Program Director
    LCOE Liaison for Homeless Students
    (707) 262-4153

    Cheryl Graves
    Administrative Assistant
    (707) 262-4154