What is Operations?

  • Operations comprises the departments that manage the inner workings of the Lake County Office of Education, so it runs as efficiently as possible. 

    Fiscal Services is an important part of operations. Internal Fiscal Services provides accounting and financial support to the departments and programs operated by the Lake County Office of Education. District Support Services provides oversight to the six districts, one charter school, and one county office within Lake County, which includes budget and payroll support, statutory benefits processing, and retirement services.

    Human Resources works closely with all LCOE departments to recruit qualified employees; support LCOE employees; and ensure that credentials of teachers, school administrators, and other support personnel throughout Lake County comply with state credential requirements.

    Information Technology provides a high-bandwidth, high-capacity Internet network specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of our Lake County schools.

    Facilities is responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and repair of all Lake County Office of Education buildings and offices. Conference rooms are available for use by our agency, school districts, and partner agencies. The rooms are available for rent to the public during our regular business hours.

    Communications is responsible for internal and external communications, as well as the website.

    Emergency Preparedness provides leadership for the development of school emergency and safety plans.

    Legal Notices is the area on the website where you can find Public Hearing Notices or Bid Notices.