Mission Statement

  • To foster student success through service to students, schools and the community.

What we do

  • Map of Northern California with Lake County highlighted In California, there are 58 county offices of education that provide services to the state’s school districts. The Lake County Office of Education has an elected superintendent of schools and an elected governing board.

    The Lake County Superintendent of Schools, Brock Falkenberg, is responsible for examining and approving school district budgets and expenditures.

    Superintendent Falkenberg is also responsible for calling school district elections and assisting with school district emergencies by providing necessary services.

    County offices of education support school districts by performing tasks that can be done more efficiently and economically at the county level.

    County offices provide or help formulate new curricula, staff development and training programs, and instructional procedures; design business and personnel systems; and perform many other services to meet changing needs and requirements.

    When economic or technical conditions make county or regional services most appropriate for students, county offices provide a wide range of services, including special and vocational education, programs for youths at risk of failure, and instruction in juvenile detention facilities.

    In addition, several statutes now give county offices of education responsibility for monitoring districts for adequate textbooks, facilities, and teacher qualifications.

    The Lake County Office of Education also administers a variety of programs that are aimed at:

    • Preparing our youngest Lake County residents for school.
    • Supporting our K-12th graders.
    • Providing ongoing education for our adult community.
    • Delivering services to our entire community.

    We take our role as a community leader seriously at the Lake County Office of Education.