Districts & Schools

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This information is for general reference only and is not the legal document to be used in district attendance determinations.

Middletown Unified School District

20932 Big Canyon Road/P.O. Box 338
Middletown, CA 95461 (707) 987-4100 (Fax: 987-4105)
Korby Olson, District Superintendent

Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)


Cobb Mountain Elementary School (K-6)

(707) 928-5229 (Fax: 928-5414)

Coyote Valley Elementary School (K-6)

(707) 987-3357 (Fax: 987-4111)
Lura Vieira, Principal

Lake County International Charter School

(707) 987-3063 (Fax: 987-8314)
Karl Reichman, Director LCICS

Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) - This plan has not been approved by the Lake County Office of Education

Loconoma Valley High School (Cont.)

(707) 987-4170 (Fax: 987-4171)
John Phelps, Principal

Middletown Com. Day School

(707)987-4185 (Fax: 987-4179)

Middletown High School (9-12)

(707) 987-4140 (Fax: 987-1446)
Bill Roderick, Principal

Middletown Middle School (7-8)

(707) 987-4160 (Fax: 987-4162)
Thad Owens, Principal

Minnie Cannon Elementary School (K-6)

(707) 987-4130 (Fax: 987-4136)
Everett Brooks, Principal