Professional Development

This listing below gives an overview of the support programs available to districts and individual school sites through the LCOE Educational Services Department and our Regional System of District and School Support (RSDSS):

Academic Program Survey (APS)
Diagnosis & Planning

Our team will work with site and district staff to evaluate current practices using the APS. We will help you design a plan for full implementation of the 9 APS Essential Elements:

  1. SBE-adopted texts in the hands of each student, including approved intervention material as needed in ELA and Math
  2. Allotted time guidelines met for ELA and Math, and for interventions in each subject
  3. Principal has attended AB75 Modules for ELA and Math
  4. Teachers are credentialed and have attended AB 466 for ELA and Math
  5. Teachers use 6-8 week curriculum-embedded assessments in ELA and Math
  6. Teachers are supported/coached in use of SBE adopted materials for ELA and Math
  7. Grade level time is provided to plan lesson delivery based on analysis of data
  8. Common pacing schedules are used in ELA and Math
  9. Categorical funds support ELA and Math

We will provide:

  • Three people for three days on-site for diagnosis
  • Pre-conference with principal, superintendent and business manager
  • Debriefing with entire community
  • Report of Findings

APS Follow-up Assistance

The team will assist the district/school in addressing the areas of need identified by the APS.

We will provide:

  • Facilitation of meetings
  • Identification of resources to meet identified needs
  • Provision of information about research-based practices
  • Direct delivery of needed inservice on-site

Interpretation of Data

Our team members can help your district/site to understand how AYP and API are calculated so you can attend to the variables that matter. We can lead discussion among members of the school community about the detailed patterns that can be seen over time among groups, among subjects, and among strands on the CSTs and the CAHSEE.

We can provide presentations to a wide range of stakeholder groups, including staff, parent & community groups, and school boards.

Planning Comprehensive Programs in Math and Language Arts

Our team members can help you analyze your program in Language Arts and Math in order to see whether you have all the elements of a comprehensive program: effective first instruction based on standards, a good system for tracking achievement in terms of standards as the school year progresses, and a series of appropriate safety nets for students at risk. We’ll help you develop schedules to support intervention during the school day and outside of school.

We will provide:

  • Two team members for three days of diagnosis and planning
  • Follow up as needed to establish interventions

Creating Standards-based Systems

Our team members can provide coaching for administrators one-on-one, in job-alike groups, or district teams to help them put in place all aspects of a standards-based system, including identified key standards, regular public reference to standards, regular use of benchmark data with meaningful consequences attached, reporting of student achievement in terms of standards, and a continuous improvement culture based on data.

We will provide:

  • Principal seminars
  • On-site coaching as needed
  • Diagnosis by team
  • Service based on diagnosis

Looking at Best Practices in the Field

Our staff can put you in touch with the schools with demographics like yours that are getting the very best results. We can help you evaluate the transferability of best practices.

Looking at Best Practices in Literature

We deliver presentations which focus on classroom instruction and on schoolwide reform. We will give staff an introduction into the findings of Robert Marzano, Douglas Reeves, Mike Schmoker, Ruby Payne, Joe Johnson and others. We can help you choose which resources are the best matches for your local needs.

We provide whole group presentations that can vary in length from 30 minutes to an entire day based on your local needs and strengths.

Looking at Best Practices in the Classroom

Our team members visit classrooms at your school to coach the implementation of effective practices that have been presented to the staff. We can show you how to use tools for observation, including Walk ‘bout, the Ventura tool, and the DataWorks tool. Some tools are implemented on PDAs.

We provide on-site classroom visitations in the company of site administrators and teachers building their skills as peer coaches.

Lesson Study

Our team members work with grade level or department groups to implement Stigler’s Lesson Study model in order to share in the construction of the best possible lessons aimed at the key standards. Teachers design, observe and debrief lessons. Though Lesson Study originated in the world of Mathematics, it can be used in any subject area.

We will provide:

  • Five meetings for the first lesson design
  • Four meetings for additional lessons

Curriculum Mapping

Our team members help teacher groups use the CST standards maps, data from CSTs and local measures as the basis for selecting key standards, deciding when during the year these standards will be taught, what resources will be used to teach these concepts, and how students will demonstrate mastery. This work refines the pacing schedule by using student data to focus it on a strategic approach to skill development.

Continuous Improvement Meetings

Our staff members facilitate meetings of grade level or department groups as they examine data from standards-based benchmarks and plan for modifications of instruction in order to bring more students to the proficient level. We will facilitate brief meetings for grade level, directly following data collection. We train your local leaders to run these meetings.

ELD Program Development

Our team can assist your district/school to examine your ELD program. We’ll offer you tools such as the SIOP and the ADEPT to help you see what instruction looks like and what students need to know next as they progress.

We will provide:

  • Two team members for two days for initial diagnosis
  • Whole group presentations to teach new tools
  • Coaching, modeling and classroom visitations as needed

School Planning Assistance

A team member will help you to consolidate and unify the work you have to do for the SPSA, the SARC, WASC, CCR and other planning and reporting needs. We will help you look at your budget to make sure it addresses Essential Component 9 of the APS.

We will provide:

  • One team member
  • On-site visits as needed