Taylor Observatory hosts Public Events on the fourth Saturday of the month. The events start at 8 pm and continue until 11 pm.  Ample on-site parking is available.  Extra parking is available along the dirt road entering the facility.  To enhance your viewing experience, area lighting is red and kept to a minimum.  Please take care walking in the parking area.  You can bring your own flashlight or use one of our loaners.  Due to Lake County clear skies, it can get quite cold at night. Warm clothing is recommended, especially during the winter season.

Events at the observatory, whether public or private, typically include some or all of the following activities:
Classroom Presentation
The classroom presentation is a short lecture dealing with a topic in astronomy, such as the solar system. PowerPoint presentations often accompany the lecture.
Planetarium Show
This is typically a prerecorded show that includes a tour of tonight’s constellations, deep sky objects, and a slide show of an area of astronomical interest.  Interactive shows are available for education outreach and special events.
Telescope viewing
The observatory’s telescopes are used to observe the Moon, planets, nebulae, galaxies, and star clusters. If it’s a daytime event, we place our solar telescope into service.

Astronomy and Space Science Activities
Educational and fun activities are available.  Speak with the Observatory Coordinator or check our Education Outreach

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