Taylor Observatory's Goal - To provide Lake County students and community with education resources in Science and Astronomy.

Activities – Activities are selected and developed to meet California Science Standards.  Activities incorporate astronomy and education resources from various sources, such as NASA's JPL Night Sky Network, Berkeley's Lawrence Hall of Science and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

Curriculum – Education Outreach curricula has been developed to meet National and California Science Standards.

Lesson Plans - Lesson plans were developed by Taylor Observatory Staff and Lake County teachers through the SSP (Special Secondary Programs) grant.  The Lessons were designed to address California Standards for 9th grade.

Programs - Taylor Observatory's programs are a partnership with students and teaching staff of Lake County.

Classroom - The classroom seats 36 people. There is a large whiteboard and a electronic pull down projector screen. Wireless internet access is available, along with a video conferencing unit.  A number of telescopes are stored in the room, a well as orreries, moon globes, and other astronomy-related items.  The classroom is available for presentations, meetings, workshops, seminars and webinars.  Contact the Observatory Coordinator for reservations.


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