Clearlake Creativity School

The Clearlake Creativity School provides educational opportunities for students K-12, who have a current Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and who have met the referral criteria for admission. The Clearlake Creativity School provides academic, behavioral and emotional support to students who attend this specialized program.

Ultimately, our vision for the Creativity School is for students to gain the skills they need to make positive, healthy choices and successfully return to their home school with a renewed love of learning. Our behavioral program is that of Diana Browning Wright, which has been implemented successfully for Lake County students.

The goal of our program is to work collaboratively with students, their families, and community agencies to provide a safe and supportive place for our students to experience success. We are dedicated to the relentless pursuit of whatever it takes to make a difference in the lives of our students and their families.

A number of the projects and areas of study over the past few years have been:

  • Ocean Odyssey thematic unit; our students took on the roles of project manager, architect, engineer, carpenter, and accountant. They designed and built bridges out of toothpicks, and constructed full-size boats using only duct tape, cardboard and plastic bottles. The boats were successfully paddled for four lengths of the Shady Acres swimming pool.
  • Our students created a 'Tour Guide, For Kids by Kids". Our students acted as reporters, photographers, and book publishers creating a useful guide that gives visitors to Lake County ideas of things to do at little to no cost.
  • One of our favorite field trips is going to Safari West in Sonoma County. We have done this trip a number of times.
  • We have weekly clubs of gardening, crafts, games and yearbook.

Admission to the Clearlake Creativity School is an IEP team process. The school district has the responsibility to make the referral based upon the IEP team decision. Clearlake Creativity School is unable to accept referrals directly from parents, guardians or other family members. 

Please speak with the district special education director about a possible referral to the program. After the IEP team has met and agreed to make a referral to Clearlake Creativity School, the special education director will send the completed referral packet to the Lake County SELPA Director for admission to the program.

As of November 27, 2018, the nominations for School Site Council are as follows:

  • Parent, Wendy Newsome
  • Certificated, Shelley Tan, Principal
  • Certificated, Julie Franklin, Teacher
  • Two students from our high school class were nominated by their peers
  • Classified, Yvonne Oldbury, Secretary

Shelley Tan, Principal
6945 Old Highway 53
Clearlake, CA 95422
Phone: 707-995-9523 Ext. 404
Fax: 707-995-9059

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