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Welcome to the Lake County Office of Education emergency preparedness page. Our goal is to provide you with easy access to emergency preparedness information and resources as they relate to schools throughout the county. We hope you find the information below helpful in understanding and responding to emergency situations.

If you have questions about the emergency response plan at your child's school, please contact the school principal. The Lake County Office of Education does not take responsibility for the quality, accuracy, or context of the following Web sites.

Click on this link for downlablePDF of the Lake County Air Quality Matrix.

Each school has an air quality monitor posted onsite. The PurlpleAir website has the readings of air quality monitors throughout the US.


Appendix A- Check Lists- 12-15-10 (word, 389 KB, 10/11/2012)

Appendix B- NIMS-SEMS 1-4-11 (word, 741 KB, 10/11/2012)

Appendix C- Forms 12-15-10 (word, 80 KB, 10/11/2012)

Appendix D- Sample Letters 12-15-10 (word, 49 KB, 10/11/2012)

Appendix E- Emergency Supplies 12-15-10 (word, 356 KB, 10/11/2012)

Appendix F- Student Emergency Contact Card 12-15-10 (word, 72 KB, 10/11/2012)

Appendix G- Glossary 12-15-10 (word, 53 KB, 10/11/2012)

LCOE-ActionsFlipchart (word, 168 KB, 10/11/2012)

LCOE- Action Flipchart- 2011 Rev.2 (pdf, 761 KB, 10/11/2012)

Lake EOP Model 07-2014 1 (word, 903 KB, 7/1/2014)_____Updated 7/2014


California State Resources


Federal Resources




Rob Young

Emergency Preparedness and Special Projects Director

Office: 707-263-8795 Ext. 240

Cell: 707-623-3147


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