Tobacco-Use Prevention Education (TUPE)

The Lake County Office of Education believes in offering children and youth tools to make healthful life decisions. TUPE offers this support to districts in providing leadership, technical assistance and anti-tobacco educational materials.

Our team supports school districts in developing and implementing their school health programs to prevent tobacco-use and addiction. Services include:

  • We Certify Districts for Tobacco-Free School Policy
  • We Provide Teachers Effective and Comprehensive Education Materials
  • Assistance to Districts with the California Healthy Kids Survey
  • Anti-Tobacco Community Message
  • Cessasion Support
  • Collaboration with Community Stakeholders

Through funding with the Coordinated School Health and Safety Office we will be focusing our efforts on our disparate school populations, where smoking is most prevalent. Smoking in Continuation Schools is 5 times higher than in traditional schools.



Tobacco-Use Prevention Education Program Resources

Where to Get Helpful Tobacco-Prevention Materials

Tobacco-Free School District Certification

Addicts Poster

Toxic Waste Infographic

Secondhand Smoke Kills Infographic


For more information and resources please contact Doreen Gilmore, TUPE Coordinator with Healthy Start Youth and Family Services at (707) 263-8918 x 294, and Ana Santana, Director of Healthy Start Youth and Family Services (707) 263-8918 x 295.

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