Nurturing Parenting


What is Nurturing Parenting?

The Nurturing Parenting Program is a program administered by Health Start through the Lake County Office of Education that offers classes to parents and their children to help them learn new ways to work together as a family.  Nurturing Parenting is based on the philosophy that parenting is learned — the way parents were raised directly influences the way they raise their children.  The program helps parents learn nurturing behaviors in place of others that are hurtful to children. 


Who Participates in Nurturing Parenting Programs?

Parents from all walks of life enroll in the program to make their families stronger and closer. This program helps families understand nurturing behaviors and learn how those behaviors can work within their unique family environment.

For more information, call our hotline with a current recording of classes  at 707-262-4116 or leave a message for Gina Dickson

Click here for the Nurturing Parenting Brochure

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