Common Core Standards

The Curriculum and Instruction team at Lake County Office of Education is committed to helping our educators and districts learn about, roll out, and implement the California Common Core State Standards. Implementing these standards requires staying current with all the information, professional development, and resoures. It is our goal to help districts implement these new standards successfully and to support positive educational outcomes for all Lake County students.


What are Common Core State Standards?

Educational standards describe what students should know and be able to do in each subject and at each grade level. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS), adopted by California in 2010, were developed through a state-led national initiative. The standards were designed to better prepare American students for success in college, career, and the competitive global economy.

Lake County schools are now in the process of implementing the Common Core standards. Full implementation of the new standards and assessments is expected by 2014-15.

Implementation of the Common Core Standards in California will require changes to curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional development.

More information on the Common Core Standards:

California Department of Education Common Core Website

English - Language Arts/Literacy Standards

Mathematics Standards


What's Next After STAR Testing?

The current system of assessments in California, encompassed primarily under the Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) program, are aligned to the state's previous academic content standards. As California begins implementing the Common Core State Standards, the assessment system will need to evolve to reflect both the new standards and assessment methodologies. 

More information on assessments:

CDE Common Core Assessment - The Department of Education website provides information about the state's participation in the SMARTER-Balanced Assessment Consortium.

State Superintendent's Recommendations for Transitioning California to a Future Assessment System - This California Department of Education website provides information on the State Superintendent's 12 recommendations for reauthorization of the state assessment plan.

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium

CDE's Smarter Balanced Assessment Resources


General Resources and Information

Common Core State Standards Initivative | Link

CDE Common Core State Standards Information | Link

CDE Common Core State Standards Resources for Special Education | Link

CDE Common Core Resources Clearinghouse | Link

Parents' Guide to Student Success | Link

Parents' Guide to Student Success 2 page brochure l Link

Parents' Guide to Student Success - Grade Level Brochures 2 page l Link

Parents' Guide to Student Success - Grade Level Brochures 4 page l Link

College and Career Anchor Standards (doc) | Link

Do you want this to be said of your child? (pdf) l Link

FAQ from the Common Core State Standards Initiative l Link

Parent's Backpack Guide to CCSS (doc) l Link

Shifts in Practice and "Habits of Mind" (pdf) l Link

Parents Handbook (PDF) l Link

Common Core Powerpoint Presentation l Link

En Espanol

Common Core FAQ l Link

Common Core Overview, Trifold Brochure l Link

Common Core Overview, Two-Page Flier l Link

Common Core Overview, Power Point Presentation l Link

Parents Handbook (PDF) l Link

English Language Arts & Literacy

Common Core Standards for English/Language Arts & Literacy (pdf) l Link

Common Core Standards ELA Overview, from Learning Inlimited (pdf) l Link

Parent Roadmaps, English Language Arts l Link


Common Core Standards for Mathematics (pdf) l Link

Higher Mathematics, Traditional vs. Integrated (doc) l Link

Parent Roadmaps, Mathematics l Link


Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), by Topic (PDF) l Link  

Appendix A, Conceptual Shifts (PDF) l Link 

FAQs and Key Resources

FAQ from Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium l Link

SBAC's Summary of Core Components (PDF) l Link

STAR-SBAC Comparison by Santa Barbara COE (PDF) l Link

SBAC Parent & Student Information l Link

Common Core State Standards l Link

Local Control Funding Formula Website l  Link

Local Control Funding Formula (PDF) l Link

Local Control and Accountability Plan -LCAP (PDF) l Link

Local Control Funding  Formula FAQ's l Link

Community Information Session Powerpoint | Link

Community Information Session Resources and Information Handout | Link


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