Taylor Science Camp

August 11, 2012  9:00AM - 3:00PM  |  Taylor Observatory-Norton Planetarium 5725 Oak Hills Lane, Kelseyville, Ca. 95451

Sorry. Registration is closed, the camp is full

Science Camp is an ideal way to inspire and engage your child in the fun of real science. Experience the science and art of bubbles, engage in hands on activities as you watch energy transform from one form to another, build a robot, and more. 

Join us for the day or an individual 60 minute session.  Please register your sessions below.  Flyer

     $5 per Science Session / $30 per day
     Ages 5 and up. An adult is required to stay with all children ages 5-10
     Minimum number of participants per session is 6
     Snacks available for purchase; day campers should bring their own lunch

9am - Science and Art of Bubbles – What is it about bubbles? They fascinate all of us, no matter what age we are! Create your own bubble art, see bubble colors and shapes change, feel the surface tension and most of all enjoy.

10am - Energy Lab– See a wire dance, feel the heat and cold produced as energy is converted.  Move through a variety of stations as you explore these changes and engage in hands-on demonstrations.

11am & 1pm - Intro to Robotics– Teamwork and fun are the highlight of designing and programming Lego Wedo Robots.  What will it be? Flying birds? An Alligator? or a Boat fighting a wave?

2pm - Solar Energy Experience– Build a solar powered car and join a Sprint Race.  Explore the properties of air and solar power as you watch the Solar Bag inflate and rise higher and higher.  Witness the sun’s energy, converted to supply the electricity for the Taylor Facility.