IMReady Active Threat Training

September 17, 2018  1:00PM - 3:30PM  |  Lake County Office of Education - Kesey Room

Private training for school districts only. 

This training is geared toward the everyday employee/civilian, meaning that it focuses on how each employee should respond to an active killer incident, what to expect, how to mentally prepare before, during and after the event. This training is designed to empower employees by giving them the tools necessary to increase their chances of survival

Some of the tactics and strategies discussed include:

• Run/Hide/Fight - What does that actually look like for you at your office/workstation?

• Breathing techniques - How to stay calm and effective in a stressful situation

• OODA Loop explained. How 1 second might save your life

• The 21-foot rule

• Concealment vs. Cover

• Improvised Weapons

• Gun Shot Wounds

• Bomb Blasts

• Evolution of Law Enforcement Tactics

• The most important 15 minutes of your life

Please bring a team of 10 or less. Register for the training here: